Wood Discs for Crafting


  • Use these plywood circles for creating hand-painted coaster sets to give out for alternative wedding guest books, craft projects, and many occasions. There are so many fun ways to express your love with these plywood circles. These cute wooden log slices are ready to decorate, paint, burn, stain, or write on, to make personalized gifts for friends and family. These wood slice ornaments can be punched in as gift tags, you can also write on wood circles for crafts, to make alphabet props, you can also put printed photos or stickers on wood pieces, or you can use them as decorations for a DIY project.
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  • Wooden Discs 1 inch: Each wood tag has a small hole and the package contains 32ft rope. Each wood circles 1 inch was passed the quality check and has smooth edges.
  • Wood plywood size: WoodenCrew natural a crafts wood measure 1” (26mm) diameter x 1/8” (3mm) thick. Use 1 wood circles for creating jewelry, ornament or decorations.
  • 1 inch wooden discs: Each pack contains 80 pieces of plywood circle with hole and red rope. The round wooden discs 1 inch perfect for craft projects,even card making or painted jewelry.
  • Open wooden circles for crafts: Our Small wooden tags are made of unfinished high-quality plywood, can be used as baseball wooden cutout and personalized token.
  • Wooden crates unfinished: Creating your loved one a gift or writing a note using our plywood circles for grinch cutout wood, paint the natural unfinished unfinished wood discs with holes to match wedding décor, embellish photo booth props and scrapbooking.


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