Unfinished Wood Bookmarks


  • Perfect for using as rectangle unfinished wood name tags, party board, stocking name tag, classroom board. Wooden bookmarks bulk design hanging ornaments, with a hole and rope, can be used for hanging decoration.
  • Each wood piece was well polished ready to be painted or writed. Wooden Stocking Tags can be used for artistic endeavors such as DIY hand paintings and christmas stocking labels.


Unfinished wood pieces for crafts

If you are looking for blank wooden signs for crafts, wood placks for crafts, wood plaques for crafts or craft boards for signs then our unfinished wood pieces for crafts are everything that you need. These rectangle wood boards for crafts make a great unique craft product for anything you can imagine.

Ideal for Paint Pouring and Unfinished Wood Wall Decor

Each piece of unfinished wood pieces for crafts is the same size meaning you can use them for home decor, like coasters, or more. If you are like to make pictures or signs with burning tools then our wood plaque is also good for wood burning. These wooden cutting boards for crafts are made of birch plywood, perfect to stain and paint.


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